Saturday, September 13, 2008


All of The Princesses 3-6 month clothes are now washed and are hanging around her room in various locations drying. I found that the one load I tossed in the dryer (even on delicate) came out quite wrinkled, so I hung all of these up from the dryer, pulled the wrinkles out, smoothed the fabric and hung them to dry. All along I was thinking that this would be the ONLY time this would happen because when she's home I'll be lucky for her to even have clean clothes, much less wrinkle free, dryer free clothes. *smile* Argh, I just realized that all the sleepers, blankets, socks and burp cloths are in the crib and have not been washed yet. Well, one more load and I can mark, "Laundry for Ellie" off the list.

And, for Monica, who asked for photos of her room. As you can tell from the above information, I cannot take photos of her room yet because it is SO FAR from perfect. haha. It's a storage area for drying laundry. PLUS, I had not ordered her valance for her room (even though my mom had given me the money to buy it a long time ago) and NOW I find it is discontinued. I'm searching frantically online. Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to locate and order one. The manufacturer indicates there are no more. They obviously have not met a mom on a mission. But, as soon as the room is finished I'll post a photo. Don't hold your breath; it might be the night before I leave.

Twenty-seven days. I'm glad to report I am officially past my anxiety and have jumped head-long and head-first into all out excitement over getting her. Yes, there are still some fears about it all, but I know that no matter what comes our way, our family can handle it. After all we've gone through and the long wait we've endured to bring this special little one to our home, all other things are manageable.

A prayer request for my friend, Jennifer, who is travelling back with me. She is having a scope down her throat on Friday to see what's causing her to have what feels like knots in her throat, sometimes causing her to choke.

And, more blurry photos for your enjoyment (honestly, it's because I enjoy them so much). This was the day that all the photos turned out blurry, but they were all so stinking cute that I couldn't delete them. Enjoy!!

"talking" to us

I swear this is a giggle.

Having a conversation with Josh


Ann said...

LOL... Hi MAria, one of your site stalkers here!!! I am lovin' all the photos, and more so watching your clock tick down. If you want some help trying to find that valance give me a holler I can try to help track it down for you. I love ebay/craig's list and the like. I found the discontinued bedding for Shelby's room on ebay. Dust ruffle,crib set and all.

Ann B.

Jackie S said...

Oooohhh...scrunch face--another favorite of mine. Ranks right up there with crinkle face. I don't blame you for not deleting the blurry photos.

Great idea from Ann to check Craig's List...I don't mind checking in my area if you need extra manpower. Just let me know :)

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Love the giggle shot! AP smiles like that, too! Her whole face scrunches up together, so cute!