Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Isn't she beautiful -- holding her 17? Could there be a better photo for today's number? I sort of feel like I'm on Sesame Street with the "number of the day".

Today's itinerary includes working in the field. I have 30 jobs I need to complete in the field today. After working, I plan on stopping in at TJ Maxx and maybe Tuesday Morning to begin looking for my "gifts". Yay. I'm calling them the twelve gifts of Kyrgyzstan. On the first day in Kyrygyzstan, Maria gave away ... *smile*
I didn't mention yesterday, but last night my friend Lisa notarized our documents that we need to take back. God love her, she has notarized about a thousand documents for us during this process. I can't imagine what we would have done without her and her notary stamp!! Thank you, Lisa!!
We also got a really cool gift from one of Josh's football coaches' mom and dad. Mr. and Mrs. P. gave Ellie a tie-blanket, fleece and very, very soft that she had made. It's in a Disney print and I've threatened to take it and not give it to her it's so comfy!! I'll post a photo of it soon. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. P.!!!

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Marcy said...

17 days left!!!! Woo-hoo!!!