Wednesday, September 17, 2008

22 - Ouch

Yesterday I had my second Hepatitis shot. I can never remember which one I'm getting, but it's the one I have to have three of and the one that hurts that night and the next day. So, I'm sore. As I was thinking that pretty much the only reason I would gladly take a shot was for my child, I remembered back when I was pregnant with Josh and had gestational diabetes and had to get blood drawn repeatedly during one really long test and how I had to have IVs and epidurals and all manner of needles. I am petrified of needles, so, again, only for my child will I subject myself to that. I suppose most parents are that way -- willing to go to the wire for their kids and subject themselves to pain (both physical and emotional) in order to protect their children.

We are closing in quickly on three weeks before lift off. Kevin has cleaned out his workshop with items to put in the yard sale this weekend. I know he's feeling better about getting it cleaner and a lot of the stuff out of it.

Please pray for my twenty-two-year-old niece (ah, the number of the day -- wow!!). She called me yesterday with a situation she is dealing with and she is upset and stressed. I'm not at liberty, really, to say more than that, but I know she and her mom could use prayers now. I'm glad God has allowed me to share His values with her today and to remind her how much I love her. I'm glad she felt she could call me.
Our airline tickets should arrive today. It somehow feels more real with tickets.

And, last, but not least, more pictures of "The Princess".

Are these fingers not so very tiny?

Josh investigates while she sleeps soundly.

I am SO hoping we don't see this face very often.

Ok, so Karen D. got a BIG kick out of me saying,

"Get the camera, it's her first bubble blowing!" Well, it was!!

And we call this one her "Hallelujah" look. She did this often.

It wasn't really a startle reflex, it was just how she would lay -- with her hands in the air.

I wonder what incredibly cute things she is doing now?

And just a short thank you to all you who continue to read this blog every day. I can't imagine what about my life is so interesting, so it must be my kids!! (they are terribly cute, I think!!) Poor Kevin hardly ever gets written about, so I feel pretty certain you aren't visiting to check out what's going on with him, unless you are waiting with baited breath to see if he ever gets mentioned. Every time I look at the stats on the number of readers for the day or watch all the cities and states where the readers come from, I am absolutely amazed and astounded that folks continue to read about this continuing soap opera of my life. My friends joke that I'm the only person who could live my life -- and they are right. Some days it's just crazy and I feel like I run around in circles getting nothing done. I can't imagine when, at FORTY (what am I thinking), I bring home a six-month-old baby. HAHA!!! What a joke. But, stay tuned, because you can be certain it will all unfold right here on your computer screen -- with photos as a bonus. It will either be a comedy or a tragedy, but either way, it will be interesting. I continue to point to The One who makes my life so interesting. When you sign up to ride His train, it will never be a boring ride.

Blessings to each of you.


Marcy said...

I sure love reading your blog post each day! And I'm so excited that you only have 3 short weeks to go until you jet across the world to bring home your little baby!!! I am living vicariously through you right now until we get our referral!!


Karen D said...

Hey! I'm famous now!
Karen D