Saturday, September 6, 2008


As we draw closer to the end of our 30 day wait, I am actually completing some things that need to be done -- sadly, they aren't any of the big things, but the little things count too.
I mailed off our applications for our Kaz visas today. I mailed the letter to USCIS requesting a replacement copy of our I171H. Knowing that I might earn brownie points, I included a self-address, postage affixed Priority Mail envelope for their prompt return of the document. If someone can hit "Ctrl+P", I'm in business. I have already confirmed that the Embassy in Almaty received it and I do have a copy of it, so, if worse comes to worse, I think I'm still ok.

Tonight I bought my first can of formula. Thanks to my friend Michelle for giving me a $5.00 coupon for Enfamil. Additionally, I got two $5.00 off coupons in the mail this week. I probably won't buy more than the three cans because I want to make sure it's a formula she can and will take before I get more. I'm taping the receipts to these -- just in case. I've talked with others (including my friend Sharon's sister, who is a nurse at the pediatrician's office that I'm going to use) and we've all decided that it is best not to change her formula until she comes home. Too many changes, I think, will be bad for her. I'll pick up a few extra cans to bring home and will begin to mix/wean her off the old formula once we are home. Two weeks will not make or break things at this point. Because I'm unsure if there is going to be any explosive diarrhea (like some others have experienced), I picked up some rubber pants for her to wear over the diaper -- just in case.

I also picked up a couple of pacifiers -- in case she still likes them when I return. I got a couple more pair of socks as I'm noting the temperatures are starting to drop a little over there. In another month, I suspect it might be chilly.

I have most of her clothes, accessories and items she will need sorted and sitting in the crib. I still need to get ziploc baggies.

Kevin has an gift certificate and is currently ordering a bouncy seat for Ellie. Michelle (same friend from above!!) has loaned us an exersaucer and a play mat for the floor so everything large except a high chair is covered.

I'm playing the sleeping situation by ear. Josh slept in our bed as a little on for a LONG time. I am willing to have Ellie in our bed if she wants to. Several people have indicated that their babies preferred the crib. I had considered a bassinet too. Since I don't know how she's going to do, I'm waiting on that.

Speaking of Josh, he's in hog heaven. I got a clearance set of sheets for his bed that are 450 thread count. They feel like silk. I also found a body pillow cover that feels a lot like plush velour. It's very, very soft, and was also on clearance. We have fixed up his bed and he's snuggled like a bug in a rug and happy as a clam.

So, I'm off to bed. I'm sleepy, sleepy, sleepy. I hope all of you have a great evening and a great weekend. As my friend Jennifer pointed out, we only have four free weekends before we leave. When you put it THAT way, I need to get busy. *smile*


Jennifer G. said...

Wow! Weren't you just in the 50s??! Good luck with the formula. I've had such issues with Emmerson. I ended up having to mix two different kinds and it's such a hassle. But every time I try to transition her to something else, chaos ensues. I have a bunch of Enfamil coupons I can send you to, since I can't use them. BTW, Josh should finally be able to check the mail this coming week........

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Sounds like you are getting lots of stuff done! As you can tell in all of our pics, AP still LOVES her paci, but it was only a certain kind. We took a variety with us that we thought looked like the one she had in the pictures and she was very specific about which one she would take. Can you email me your address? Also, we have a high chair that has been *loved on* by both our kiddos, but you are welcome to have it. That may be a good reason to actually meet in person :)

imtina said...

Remember, you can sign up for those coupons at the formula websites themselves and you'll start receiving them right away. Also, you can mix her old formula with the new formula in equal parts and that might help an easier transition. We did that and NO ooey gooey situations.

Sounds like you're really ready!