Saturday, September 27, 2008

Had a Great Friday Night

Kevin was out of town at a training session Friday/Saturday so Josh and I met up with A. and her peeps AP and C at Mimi's Cafe in H'ville. A. put it in a cute way. She said it felt like internet dating *smile* since we had never met except reading each other's blog online. We had a great time and they brought WAY TOO MANY presents for Josh and Ellie.

When we arrived AP was pushing a stroller filled with presents for Ellie. C. had a pretty wrapped box for E. as well. We let all the kids have a part of opening the box and inside was the most beautiful soft gown for Ellie. It's pink with lace and ribbons with a bonnet. There is a drawstring bottom. It is so incredibly soft, like a brushed cotton or flannel. All of the kids had fun trying on the bonnet. If you want to see photos of that, visit A's blog, since I didn't even take a camera (DUH!!!). I did "steal" this one from her blog so I'd have something to post. Doesn't Josh look happy? In another one, we moved he and AP to the middle but he was looking off in it. By this time, he was ready to go to Books*A*Million to look for a new book he wanted.

We were lucky to have a round booth because all three kids played in the seats, laying down, climbing over each other and under the table. It was funny!! AP modeled some of the gifts they got for Ellie and she was so cute!!! All the people in the restaurant were going on about how
cute she is -- and they were right.

The stroller was chock full of goodies for Ellie -- links, rattle, pacifiers (the kind AP likes so hopefully they will be perfect for Ellie), an "Ellie-phant", a Halloween hat, bib and socks, three pair of "frilly socks", wipes, hand sanitizer, formula/snack container, and AP's favorites: Gerber puffs!! What a wonderful goodie basket!! To top it ALL off, they were so kind to remember Josh and brought him a Target gift card. He is beside himself with excitement about going to get something!! Thank you so much, guys. We had a blast last night. We have to do this again when I get back with Ellie. Maybe next time the hubs will be able to come as well and we can get some girl talk time in!!

We were also the recipients of a high chair and diaper pail from them as well. We are excited since those were two things we didn't have. We've been so fortunate to have such good friends who have shared so many things with us for Ellie!

Stay tuned for the post about goodies that Josh and Ellie got in the mail from our dear friends, The Mays, in Georgia.

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Jackie S said...

What a wonderful get-together. And what a great stroller full of goodies for Ellie!!

I can't believe how close you are to your girl. Smile :)