Sunday, September 21, 2008

Packing Advice From Friends

Ok, so I've been in a bit of a tizzy worrying about my luggage. Today, while talking to Elizabeth, she reminded me that I could get space saver bags. I'm hoping it will make my things WEIGH less as well as take up less room because I absolutely have to get the orphanage donations to them for the winter. I'm very concerned about the babies this winter. There are rolling power outages throughout Kyrgyzstan right now and the winter is supposed to be hard. This morning, at 7:30 a.m., it was 37* there. Those babies need to stay as warm as possible. I've had two families ask me to take things over for the babies.

I've checked into adding a piece of luggage to take over, but that's $150 (ouch!!). If I load my bag up to 70 pounds, it's $50 one way, but still, ouch!!

I also talked with my friend Allison tonight who was patient enough for me to sit in the floor with all my stuff and tell her everything that was already in my bag and to get tips from her on things I can live without, things I had way too many of and how I could re-organize that a little bit. So, after her talk, I've gotten things a bit better for Ellie's bag. I won't start on my bag until a day or two before we leave.

Thanks, Elizabeth and Allison, for helping with my packing woes!!


janiece said...

I know alot of people have bought stuff for the babies there. I know the quality may not be as good as what's here in the states--but it might be enough to get by. I had to buy alot of stuff in Russia for Julia and in Kazakhstan because our luggage kept getting shipped someplace else!

Buddy and Lauren's Kyrgyzstan Journey... said...

I was wondering if you would mind posting a list of what you are packing for the baby for us future Kyrgyzstan travelers. I am totally clueless! Of course you are busy right now getting ready to leave soon so maybe when you get back & things settle down. So happy for you and your family! You don't have long & I know you must be so excited!!!