Wednesday, September 3, 2008

37 Days - Lost I171H

Ok, so I have LOST our I-171H. I know we received it right before we left for Kyrgyzstan on Trip 1. We scanned it and emailed it to our agency as we have the scanned copy. I keep ALL my papers in a binder and then in page protectors. So, why isn't it there?? Kevin and I have looked everywhere we can think it might possibly be and nothing.

I have emailed my friends over at the Memphis USCIS and am hopeful to hear back from them tomorrow about how I can get a copy of it. If it means I drive to Memphis, I will do that. How frustrating!

Jennifer has filled out her Kaz visa application. I need to do mine in the morning and then mail them off to our agency tomorrow. At least that will be something else marked off my list.


Mala said...

Ugh! I hope you find it. That's so frustrating. I have one of those gremlins in my house that move and hide things on me all the time! I think it's trying to send me to the loney house. LOL.

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Oh how frustrating! I thought I lost ours the night before we were leavfing to go to Kyrg! It was not in my folder where I kept everything important. I searched and searched and cried and cried. Hubs stayed calm and found it in our taxes! At least you have enough time to get a replacement if you need it.

Betsy said...

Oh my goodness, I hope you can find it! I'm glad you can make a road trip if needed. Hope you find it!!!

Elizabeth and Bill said...

Once you get a new one, the old one will show yp. Read Mala's blog about her camera. It just happened to her!

Rachel said...

If it makes you feel any better, we've now done two adoptions and we never needed the original for our trips, just the copies. Absolutely get a replacement, but try not to stress (too is, after all, IA). In the meantime, I do hope you find it!

Jeanne said...

Don't worry; you really don't need the original. The scanned copy will be more than sufficient. The key is that you're in the USCIS computer somewhere, so they'll figure it out.

Lori said... are just trying to be like me, aren't you? Well...let me just tell you that life in LoriLand (as John *and now I* calls it) isn't that fun. It stinks losing important stuff like that...or passports at the foreign airports, or fingerprint cards you KNOW you just got in the mail and put in a safeplace...the list goes on. I am praying a road trip isn't needed, but glad for you that if it is, you can!!! Bless your heart!

Am I the only one seeing the photo-thing all over your page?

Bridget said...


How frustrating! Ugh is right. But thanks to you, I went home and looked for my I-171, and sure enough, it was not in the file I thought it was. I went through my entire adoption files, and found it under my I-600A file. Thanks to you, I have combined the two. Good luck - I am sure you will find it or find out you don't need it.



Hilary Marquis said...

Oh No! ...have you looked in the fridge under the cheesecake? :) I'll pray it turns up sooner rather than later and saves you a lot of stress and a road trip.