Wednesday, September 10, 2008

30 - Our Post Court Wait Is Over

Today is the end of our 30 day post-court wait. Legally, Ellie is our daughter.


It is finally over -- the three year wait that started with a visit to Tammy Delle at the Bethany Christian Services office in Nashville back in August 2005 has finally come to an end with us finding our daughter in a country that Betsy indicates is 7313 miles away (but that is probably from Texas so it might be closer to us).

For the first photos of our little princess - our new addition to our family -- visit Josh's blog. I will post more photos of her tomorrow after Josh's debut of his sister.

What a blessing our family has been given.
In 30 days, I will board a plane to return for her and begin our new lives together -- a forever family.

Thank you to all the kind words from those of you who have posted comments, written and called about yesterday's post. As I have explained to some, by the time I am able to write about something, I've usually spent the required time working it out in my head and I'm generally ok with it. This is the case with my anxiety about returning. I had more insight today after a conversation with my dear friend M. The first trip to visit with Ellie was very traumatic for all of us. The events that transpired while we were there were life altering for us. With her suspected medical problem being revealed and our decision not to accept the referral, our hearts were broken. Since that time and the knowledge that she is not sick, we have managed to move past all that and I thought I had put that totally behind me. However, I think that part of that first experience there has made me a bit frightened about what might happen on trip 2. So... to that end, I am just fearful. I'm certain there is no reason to be and that things will be wonderful. I can't wait to see her again, to hold her and to know that we will not have to be separated again. We will deal with whatever comes our way with our daughter. She is ours and we are hers.

Thirty days and mama will be on her way, little one.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

I checked out Josh's blog. She is absolutely adorable. She really looks like there is deep thought in those eyes in the first picture (the most recent). She has way more hair than AP had, our little pumpkin was bald. You are almost to the twenties! I can't wait to see pictures of you finally together again.

Jackie S said...

Congrats on reaching this fabulous milestone. It won't be long now and Ellie will be home with her family.

I didn't comment on your recent posts, but they certainly brought back so many memories for me. I had such worry and fear during trip 1. It was so difficult during that time for me...dealing with the unknowns, what ifs, and crazy medical reports with scary diagnoses. It was quite exhausting.

You will get through anything that comes your way. My turning point was something one of my dear friends said to me during trip 1. I won't post it here, but it resonated with me and after that email I was able to finally relax and enjoy the rest of trip 1 with my daughter-to-be.

Congrats again and I look forward to seeing more pics of your Ellie.

Christina said...

She is too cute. Congratulations!! Josh will make a great big brother.

Heather Field said...

Big congrats & big hugs from Texas!!! I will email you later, once I get the little miss to sleep!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Maria! I am so relieved and happy for you and look forward to the day Ellie is in your arms forever!! I am on my way over to Josh's blog right now to see more pics. =)

Corinne said...

I am sure you are just THRILLED ! I have followed your blog for a while now and it makes me so happy that little Ellie is all yours.She is a lucky little girl!Congratulations on a huge accomplishment.

Jeanne said...

Congratulations on this adoption milestone!

Jes said...