Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I heard from my friends over at USCIS today and they told me if I would send a letter to them, they will send me out a duplicate/replacement copy of the I171H that I have lost/misplaced. They indicated it would go out no later than two weeks after they receive the request. I'm going to send the request tomorrow and give them three weeks before I determine if I'll have to make a road trip. Thanks for all the kind words and well wishes in finding it. I suspect it will turn up the day after the replacement arrives.


Margaret and Tom said...

Yeah! I just saw the post today that you had lost it, but I am glad to read that you are back on track to have it in your hands before you go :) I love the new blog design and the picture of Ellie :) So sweet!

Lori said...

That is one of the sweetest baby pictures I've seen and when I was looking at the pics of Josh the other day from biking, I thought the one on your header was FABUUUUULOUS! I meant to email and ask what kind of camera you had because his picture ROCKS!

You're almost there!!!